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Finnish Association for Adolescent Medicine

The Finnish Association for Adolescent Medicine (FAAM) was established in 2013 and aims at developing, sustaining and advancing the professional skills and collaboration of doctors working with adolescents.


Mission of FAAM is to:

  • promote positive circumstances for adolescent growth, living and wellbeing
  • advocate for improvement of youth health services and other services to advance the wellbeing of adolescents in society
  • facilitate collaboration of professionals working with youth, service providers and decision makers
  • increase common knowledge of the special needs of adolescents


Core functions of FAAM:

  • organizes training for doctors (e.g. annual two-day education event)
  • coordinates a training programme for special competence in adolescent health
  • encourages and supports scientific research aimed at improving adolescent health
  • participates in contemporary discussions involving aspects of adolescent wellbeing
  • builds international networks of adolescent health professionals through its active members


FAAM membership is open to doctors and medical students in Finland. International correspondence membership is possible through an invitation.